Park Board Candidates Agree: No New Taxes

Article excerpt

Four candidates are running for three seats on the Wauconda Park District board. Rosann Hansen, Wanda Kadlec and Kathleen Lersch are incumbents; Mark Liddell is a newcomer. All seats have four-year terms.

The candidates answered a series of questions posed by the Daily Herald in questionnaires. Below are their answers to two questions.

Should the board continue its efforts to obtain a tax-rate increase of 10 cents for park maintenance? If so, what new things should the board try so that the rate-increase request passes? If not, what other ideas do you have for raising money?

Rosann Hansen: We are working on that now. I wish more businesses and individuals would help us raise more money for our park district.

Wanda Kadlec: No, the board should not go ahead again with another effort to increase the tax rate. The park district board needs to review our financial outlook and, in the upcoming years, look to seek grants to assist in our funding.

Kathleen Lersch: No, I wouldn't support asking voters to support a referendum for capital improvements again. I believe the voters are willing to be patient. The park district has sought many alternative fund-raising efforts to improve our park sites. Memorial Park renovation (began) in 1992 and is still continuing. Without the assistance of the American Legion Post 911 through fund-raising and donation efforts it wouldn't be the reality it is today. The Arthur G. Farley fishing pier, the first fishing pier in Lake County for anglers with disabilities, was constructed with the assistance of the park district, the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association Foundation and the obtaining of a grant. Currently, the district is working on a matching grant that would enable the park to make some of the necessary improvements that are needed. It is difficult to apply for such a grant because the park must be able to match the funding dollar for dollar.

Mark Liddell: The problem with going to the community for a tax-rate increase is that the majority of people who do vote on election day are the people who have already raised children in this town. They find it hard to vote on tax increases. I believe that the park district needs to find other ways, whether it be restructuring debt or creatively locating money through state grants or federal grants, if it is available. …