For Elgin Community College Board of Trustees

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For 6-year terms (pick three)

John Duffy, 64, retired, a trustee at ECC since 1975 and current board chairman. Also has served two other stints as the college board chairman in the 1980s. Current chairman of the west suburban region of the Illinois Community College Trustees Association. Duffy, of Elgin, said he is excited, not concerned, about the college's early retirement incentive package, which is expected to cause one-third of the college faculty to leave within five years. He said about five faculty members are expected to retire each year throughout the college - a manageable number. He expects labor negotiations to go smoothly in the future based on a set of shared values that staff and faculty have developed, and says he was instrumental in resolving the contentious faculty contract in 1997.

Greg Cherry, 48, vice president of sales at Peacock Colors Inc. in Addison, said his main motivation for running for the board is to strengthen business partnerships so students are able to obtain better jobs. Cherry, of Elgin, who has lived in the district for 18 years, said he would create a business presence on the board if elected because of his 25 years of operating a small business. Also, Cherry is an advocate of keeping the college tuition low - it currently is ranked among the four lowest tuition rates in northern Illinois- because of the number of underprivileged residents in the area. He also says the board's duty is to make classes as convenient as possible and should continue exploring more Internet instruction, interactive video classes and satellite centers.

Phyllis Folarin, 54, an elementary school principal in U-46, said she is focused on attracting more area students by lowering the target marketing age. As a a primary school educator, Folarin, of Elgin, would seek to influence a greater integration of K-12 school system with the community college if elected and would strengthen the work-force development program. She also is a proponent of more community input in decision making, but that the process must include students - many of whom are adults in their 30s. She also has pledged to focus on initiating a mentoring program on campus for minorities and other students as the minority student population continues to greatly outpace minority faculty role models.

Kurt Kojzarek, 19, ECC student body president. A student at ECC for two years, he is pursuing a major in political science. Kojzarek, of Elgin, is running to provide a fresh perspective on the board, saying that mainly faculty members and business leaders are elected. A main concern is that more area businesses need to be part of the community. He proposes that surveys should be conducted for businesses and ECC students to determine what degrees and courses the college should be offering. …