New Electronics Store Hopes to Clear Up Static in Industry

Article excerpt

Byline: Caruthers & Culloton

Waves of new high-tech telephones, televisions and other gizmos for work and play deluge consumers these days, making it difficult for even the most hard-core gadget-head to stay afloat and current.

To make things worse, the erratic range of service and knowledge offered by electronics stores often makes shopping for telecommunications gear seem like a bewildering trip through the looking glass.

A new Bloomingdale electronics store hopes to differentiate itself from the other cellular phone, pager, satellite and big box electronics retailers in the market, by offering customers some respite in the storm.

The Communications Store, at 369-10 Army Trail Road, aims to provide cutting-edge technology with salespeople who understand it and smoothly share that understanding with customers, said Marc Cook, the outlet's general manager.

"We're very competitive with price, but we also have very knowledgeable employees," he said.

The store, which opened last month, is all digital, selling equipment and service for satellite television and Nextel and AT&T cellular phones. It also carries DVD and related technologies.

Soon The Communications Store, located in The Courtyard shopping center, hopes to offer a new technology called TIVO that uses a hard drive to let viewers pause live television programs, Cook said. The store is vying for the rights to sell the technology, which would let people stop a TV program in the middle and jump back to the beginning, while the TIVO unit records the rest of the show. …