Teaching Teachers Gurnee-Area Schools Spend Day Sharing Technological Expertise

Article excerpt

Byline: Laurie Aucoin Daily Herald Staff Writer

More than 900 Gurnee-area teachers got a taste Monday of how technology can change the effectiveness of learning.

One computer program can help the learning-disabled student grasp lessons quicker. The Internet can connect high school students to a plethora of history and geometry sites.

Teachers from Warren Township High School and three feeder districts - Gurnee 56, Millburn School 24 and Woodland Elementary District 50 - got exposed to these nuggets of teaching in a nearly daylong conference called the Joint Articulation Technology Institute.

Held concurrently at Warren High School's Almond campus and Woodland Middle School, the conference marked the first time these districts jointly explored technology.

The purpose of the "technology institute" was to gather expertise that already exists within the four school districts and disseminate it among all the instructors, said Kathleen Kuhr, director of curriculum and instruction for Woodland District 50 and one of Monday's coordinators.

"This has been very helpful," said Gary Schiappacasse, a second-grade reading specialist at Woodland. "In 20 years I haven't seen anything like this. When it comes to technology in our district, we are not there yet."

For staff development, the districts wanted to collaborate on a topic that would appeal to teachers of kindergartners through 12th-graders, Kuhr explained. …