Lisle District 202 Developing Multicultural Education Plan

Article excerpt

Byline: Susan Stevens Daily Herald Staff Writer

When a committee studying diversity in Lisle District 202 tried to describe the proper approach to multiculturalism, metaphors abounded.

Some preferred the tried-and-true "melting pot." Others went for the salad bowl, and one teacher mentioned a kaleidoscope, where different cultures bounce off one another to form colorful new patterns.

However they choose to describe it, the district intends to enact a formal plan to encourage multicultural education in its schools. The school board is reviewing a plan to teach students the value of different cultures and traditions.

A committee that studied the issue for three years presented its proposal Monday night.

"It's really important to have that multiculturalism and diversity education in school, because that's what our children will face tomorrow, and they need to be prepared for that," said parent Shen Liu, a member of the committee. "As a parent, I would like to see my children in an environment where peers respect each other."

Committee members described a three-pronged approach to diversity education: giving students a global perspective, affirming each student's personal heritage and developing an appreciation of other backgrounds. …