Evergreen Students Experience Middle Ages

Article excerpt

Byline: Carmen Greco Jr. Daily Herald Staff Writer

Students at Evergreen School in Carol Stream took a step back into the Middles Ages for the school's yearly fall festival.

The school was awash in the sights and sounds of the Renaissance as students played period games, watched a jousting match, learned about Gregorian chants and even made their own coat of arms for their classrooms.

"It's a time period a lot of the kids don't know about," said Principal Jean Peterson, who herself sashayed around the school in a Renaissance gown.

In the school parking lot, students simulated the log toss, a game played by Middle Age strongmen. But instead of real wooden logs, students competed with a soft version of logs, foam Fun Noodles.

Inside the school, which serves kindergarten through fourth-graders, crown-wearing students sat enthralled as two knights in full battle dress acted out a joust.

In addition, they learned what everyday life was like for peasant families in the Middle Ages.

Music teacher Ellen Bushman introduced students to music of the period, including the chants often sung by Medieval monks.

"That's music used in the Middle Ages without instrumentation," Bushman told the kids. …