Teacher Works with C-SPAN - Again

Article excerpt

Byline: Deborah Jones

Since 1982, Stevenson teacher Steve Armstrong has been utilizing C-SPAN's materials to add a new dimension to his Advanced Placement United States history and government classes.

Now the tables have turned, and Armstrong is lending a hand to C-SPAN.

The organization, which hosts a Web site (www.c-span.org) that features classroom integration ideas for educators, recently asked him to design a lesson plan that would teach students about former congressman Dan Rostenkowski.

Armstrong and his wife, also a teacher, created such a program that can be reached from Stevenson's Web site at www.district125.k12.il.us.

He said the C-SPAN site "is a source to government and U.S. History teachers, as well as being useful to students in pursuit of more in-depth knowledge."

This wasn't the first time the well-respected educator was involved in such tasks. In the past, Armstrong and his colleagues, history teachers John Bolger and Bob Lyons, worked on the C-SPAN Booknotes Teacher Guide to design a lesson plan about George Washington. …