Vernon Hills Students Raise $2,000 for Genetic Research

Article excerpt

Byline: Mark Spencer Daily Herald Staff Writer

Research toward a cure for the rare genetic disorder that plagues 3-year-old Shayna Lange received a boost Tuesday from students at Hawthorn Junior High School in Vernon Hills.

After raising money through a dance and a bake sale this fall, the school's student council presented a $2,000 check to the girl's mother, Karen Lange, for her Disorders of Chromosome 16 Foundation.

"What was nice is that students, instead of giving $3 (for tickets to the dance), were giving $5," said student council President Rebecca Younger, 13.

Lange created the organization last year to encourage research and provide information to the few parents who, like she once did, face the uncertainty that comes with a diagnosis of abnormalities with their child's 16th chromosome.

Defects in the 16th chromosome are blamed for more than 100,000 miscarriages a year, many to women who have no idea why they lost their pregnancy. Most other affected children die shortly after birth. Only 22 children worldwide, including Shayna, are known to be living with the disorder, the affects of which are still being researched. …