News, Reviews, Pictures of Monsters Mashed into Web Site

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Byline: Stacey Cara Cohen

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Dracula bites compared to Godzilla. The Mummy pales in comparison to Mothra. When it comes to movie monsters, the giants of the "stomp Tokyo" variety crush the Vampira crowd.

Monster Island, at, honors these less-verbal monsters on a sparse yet thorough site. Unfortunately, the site now languishes since the creator decided to take a break; however, there aren't many new inroads in the world of movie monsters so the site still is worthwhile.

Consider it a primer on the monster world: it includes a few movie reviews, pictures, sound clips and links. First, visit the monsters area.

You'll find more than 20 movie monsters listed. Click on a name for further information. For example, Mothra fans can find out vital statistics for three phases of Mothra's movie life (1961, 1964-68, 1992). Details include the length, weight and the films in which Mothra appears.

On the obsessive side, it includes details for both the adult and the larva stage of Mothra, as well as the powers each possesses. It makes for interesting comparison: early Mothra weighs less and doesn't have antenna rays compared to later Mothra.

A brief biography at the bottom of the page fills you in on intimate Mothra details, and the site provides links to a few reviews of Mothra movies. …