Buildings May Change, but Philosophy Won't

Article excerpt

An open letter to Libertyville High School District residents from school board president Laurie Meyer.

When I've spoken to graduating seniors the past several years, I've always gotten a good laugh when I've recalled how they entered high school as freshmen wondering "if those scary stories about Brainerd were really true."

Well, the freshmen starting high school this fall will be the first District 128 students in decades who won't have the Brainerd "experience." And while this gracious 1916 brick building offers wonderful memories for generations of Lake County residents, few of today's students - or staff members - will miss its cramped classrooms and library... painfully inadequate cafeteria and restrooms... to say nothing of the disruptions which "commuting" between the Brainerd and Butler Lake buildings have brought to educational process.

This year, every freshman in the district will attend a brand new school - the Vernon Hills campus located west of Milwaukee Avenue and a little south of Computer Discount Warehouse. And that is just the beginning of a major transition for District 128. Next year, the new school will house freshmen, sophomores and juniors from the southern part of our district, and two years from now, Vernon Hills High School will be a full four-year facility, graduating its first class in June 2002.

We've been on an aggressive schedule to get our buildings ready for this fall. It was only in November 1997 when a strong majority of voters approved a referendum for the new building in Vernon Hills and major renovations at Libertyville's Butler Lake campus - its first major overhaul since the 1970s. As a 12-year school board member and parent of two LCHS graduates, I'm excited about the improved facilities, and more importantly, the increased student opportunities which voters have afforded students in our new two-high school district.

Both Vernon Hills and Libertyville high schools will operate under one administration, District 128. …