Leadership Academy Still Going Strong

Article excerpt

Byline: Sheri Buttstadt Daily Herald Correspondent

This is the last in a three-part series looking at the Elgin Leadership Academy. Today's installment will explore the ELA's future. Saturday's installment focused on the fundamentals of the program. Sunday's looked at the projects recent graduates undertook, and what they have meant to the community.

More than 225 people have graduated from the Elgin Leadership Academy since the first class wrapped up in 1992.

And interest is still high.

However, even though a lot of people are interested in signing up for the ELA, co-organizer Dan Fox said that he and Dan Waters are taking a year off to evaluate the program.

Fox said that they've done this once before, working their Steering Committee and getting input from graduates and others in the community. It gives them an opportunity to improve the program, adding bits and pieces and eliminating or altering others.

It also helps prevent them from burning out. Both of program's facilitators are employed elsewhere, so have limited time.

Fox did indicate that all of the alumni will be invited to attend a special Saturday morning session sometime in January, which will include a breakfast and time to network. …