Student Explores 7 Intelligences and Wins

Article excerpt

Byline: Robin Smith Kollman

The hardest part about winning a national contest, Kim Holland said, was trying to get her project to fit on five pages.

"I wrote it on 10 pages," the 14-year-old Holland said of her entry into the Computer Learning "Minding Their Manners" student contest on Responsible Use of Technology.

"I worked for a week, after school every day, staying up so late. I used the smallest font I could and took one full-page graphic to two-inches," she said. "I think the night before I had to send it, I stayed up until 3 a.m. trying to get it done and I think I fell asleep in the computer room."

But the hard work was worth it.

An extremely clever essay relating responsible technology learning with the Seven Intelligences won the incoming Libertyville Community High School freshman a computer this summer and a Webserver for her former Highland Middle School. She was selected from thousands of entrees.

"The magnitude of this project was incredible," said Pam Imholz, the elementary school district's technology coordinator. "She put in hours of work, competing against thousands of students. Her initiative was, I tell you, wow. This was an impressive eighth-grader."

In writing her essay, Holland used Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences to help students learn technology responsibly. Holland selected this, she said, because she thought she could reach all of the judges. …