Three Local Libraries Look to Voters for Aid

Article excerpt

Byline: Eric Krol Daily Herald Staff Writer

Tri-Cities voters will go to the polls today to decide the direction of three libraries and to help pick the Fox Valley's newest state legislator.

Also on tap are contests for Congress and the Wasco Sanitary District.

While much attention has been paid to the U.S. Senate and governor races, local eyes will be focused on results of library referendums in Batavia, St. Charles and Elburn.

Batavia library leaders want voters to approve an $8.8 million loan to tear down the old Wilson Street Junior High and put up a new building. Voters also will decide whether to approve a 6 cent tax rate increase to run the library.

Taken together, the measures would increase the tax bill for the owner of a $150,000 home from $72 to $156 a year.

A group of Batavia residents has tried to convince the library to renovate the old four-story school instead of knocking it down, but library officials say that would be too costly.

St. Charles voters will decide whether to forego lower property tax bills next year to provide more money to keep the library open longer. A successful referendum also would allow the library to buy more computers.

If approved, the owner of a $180,000 house would pass up a $34 tax decrease next year.

In Elburn, voters will be asked to finish the job they started in the spring.

Town & Country library officials want voters to approve a 10 cent increase in the tax rate to operate a new library.

Last spring, voters gave the go-ahead to borrow $2.95 million to build a library across from village hall. Voters turned down the 10 cent operating rate increase, however, so library officials are asking for it again.

Voters in Batavia, Geneva, Aurora and southwestern St. …