Red Ribbon Week Ties to Drug-Abuse Prevention

Article excerpt

Byline: Roy Johnson

These red ribbons you see everywhere are not just early Christmas decorations.

Last Thursday marked the beginning of a national drug awareness campaign called Red Ribbon Week, started in memory of federal agent Enrique Camanera. Following his murder in 1985, red ribbons were worn to show his outstanding devotion to drug prevention.

Debbie Zaccagni, Lake Zurich Unit District substance abuse prevention coordinator, has been hard at work organizing this event in district schools. An array of events has been planned that should keep students interested in participating in Red Ribbon Week.

The theme at Lake Zurich High School this year is "We are the future. Let's Make It DRUG FREE!" This message reveals the important role high school students will have in the coming years, and gives students a message that will benefit their lives.

"Red Ribbon Week creates an awareness that there is a drug problem, and shows support to help fight the problem," Zaccagni said.

One of the events planned for Red Ribbon Week is building a multicolored chain to symbolize people in students' and teachers' lives who have been involved in a drunken driving accident, drug or alcohol abuse, and hopefully are now drug free and healthy.

Red should try to be worn all week, especially Tuesday. On Thursday, red hats or hats with red ribbons will be allowed to be worn during school hours. …