16-Year-Old Already Finds Teaching 'A Knack'

Article excerpt

Byline: M.J. Porter Daily Herald Staff Writer

Emily Scheuchenzuber's days are filled with cheers and dance steps both at Glenbard North High School and the Carol Stream Park District.

Little did Emily, 16, know when she began taking dance and cheer lessons at the age of 4 that she would be teaching others the same steps a dozen years later.

"I did it when I was younger and knew that I wanted to be a coach," Emily said.

Now she's teaching about 10 hours every week at the park district. That includes five classes four days a week of cheerleading with 16 girls ages 6-7 and dance classes for 20 children ages 6-12.

"They're 6 years old, and they're cute," she said. "Also very chatty."

Emily said she began teaching the dance classes after working backstage for a performance at the park district.

"They liked me so much and asked me to be a teacher," she said. "I love teaching at the park district."

Her teaching experiences also extend to her peers at Glenbard North, where she is a junior. …