Special Students Squeeze District 48 Budget Figures

Article excerpt

Byline: Matthew Nickerson Daily Herald Staff Writer

It would be natural to assume all Salt Creek Elementary District 48 students attend the three schools operated by the Villa Park-based district.

That assumption is wrong, however.

Children who need special classes not offered by the district are sent - at great expense - to outside schools.

District 48 pays tuition for its special education students attending schools in Naperville, Downers Grove, Westchester, Addison and Westmont.

The costs add up and helped create a small deficit in District 48's proposed budget for 1998-99.

"We got hit really, really bad," Business Manager Wolfgang Meister told the school board last week.

The approximate $7 million budget will be the subject of a public hearing Sept. 15.

The budget includes $200,000 to pay tuition to other schools, compared to $100,000 budgeted last year.

As expensive as tuition is, it is often cheaper than creating a program that only a few children will use. Some special education classes are taught in the district but some students require more assistance. …