Jerry Swinefeld, Meet Scottie Pigpen Quirky Pig Races for Cookies Delight Kane County Fair Crowd

Article excerpt

Byline: Jennifer Taylor Daily Herald Staff Writer

He calls himself the "swine master" and generates squeals from crowds cheering on a tradition at the Kane County Fair - the pig races.

"These little piggies don't run for the money. These little pigs run around the track for an Oreo cookie," said swine master Zach Johnson of Kansas City, Mo.-based Swifty Swine Productions Racing Pigs.

Tuesday was the first day of the fair, which runs through Sunday at the Kane County Fairgrounds in St. Charles. Dozens of spectators filled the bleachers waiting for the races, a prime attraction.

The races usually feature four piglets running at top speed around a circular track. The heat averages about 6 to 8 seconds.

"The winner gets the cookie and the losers get the crumbs," Johnson said.

What would a pig race be without the quirky names of the swines? The first heat featured sports stars such as Ken Haminitti, Tara Lipigski, and Chicago's own Scottie Pigpen.

Hollywood's finest also debuted, including Jerry Swinefeld, and Spamela Anderson. Unfortunately, Jean Claude Van Ham missed the race because of a pulled hamstring.

"The kids are the ones that like them. We get to sit down," said Don Gaylord of Hampshire, who was seated in the bleachers with his wife, Kerri, and three children.

Swine Productions has two other attractions not typical of pig races, including Swifty the swimming pig and a giant Kune Kune pig from New Zealand. …