Choral Concert a Memory, a Learning Experience, a Job Well Done

Article excerpt

Byline: Katie Wardrope

Last Thursday was the Elgin Academy spring chorus concert, "Shapes in Music." For 14 of the 24 choral members, it was their last concert.

They will go off to college leaving the remaining 10 to fend for themselves in a much smaller choral group.

The theme of the concert was "Shapes in Music," referring to the Sacred Heart tradition from the South of teaching music in which different shapes represent different notes.

"I like to have a theme because it brings continuity to the program," said chorus director Dorie Pearson.

She chose shapes notes because it seemed to fit the music selection.

"Every concert should be educational to some degree," she explained. "I don't think anyone in the audience knew what shape notes were. It expands the musical horizon of the audience."

The selection of music was also educational in its own way. It ranged from pieces dating back to the 13th century through the 20th century. It included a great variety in accompaniment. Many songs were sung a cappella; others were accompanied by a recorder, guitar or piano. One piece was joined by square dancers from the fourth grade. There was also a purely instrumental piece, a viola solo played by senior choral member Kate Cichucki.

"I was really nervous because I haven't performed a solo viola in eight years," Cichucki explained. …