Philosophy of Hair Color Is Science to These Stylists

Article excerpt

Byline: Kim Mikus

Are you a blue or a yellow person?

These tones don't describe the type of day you're having. Instead, they are used by your stylist to determine what color your hair should be.

This philosophy is applied at the new Renae Knapp Color Institute and Salon at 209 W. Golf Road, Schaumburg.

Knapp, the creator of the institute, works with this color science to determine what color looks best on a person.

The analysis is based on skin tones, and the color of the client's eyes and hair.

For example, peach skin tones would make a strong yellow person, and rosy cheeks and pinkish undertones are characteristics for a blue person.

A short analysis is done on clients before they have their hair colored, said Abi Carmen, owner of the only franchise in Illinois.

Knapp has been in the color business for 30 years and also developed more in-depth personal color consultations at the salons.

These would explain a variety of topics including why a person doesn't look good in a particular color or what tones make them appear more attractive.

The cost of a three-hour consultation is about $120. The price for a haircut is $30 for women and $20 for men. A color ranges in price from $20 to $100.

For more, call (847) 755-1500.

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