Naperville Man Offers Libraries a Helping Hand

Article excerpt

Byline: Kari Allen Daily Herald Staff Writer

Kevin Strickland doesn't worry about finding time to volunteer. He just makes it.

He's not too busy, he says. Nope, not even when you take into account the 50 hours a week he spends in Chicago as a stockbroker.

After all, there's always the weekends.

Strickland, a Naperville resident, has spent several Sundays at Nichols and Naper Boulevard libraries in Naperville, taking inventories, repairing audio tapes and helping with surveys.

It's just something he likes to do.

"I've used (Nichols) enough for my own research, Strickland said. "This is a good way of repaying services they've given me."

So he offers his services at Nichols nearly every Sunday, usually for about three to four hours at a stretch.

He repairs audio books on tape that aren't working properly, for whatever reason. Although he's had no past experience in this field, that hasn't slowed him down a bit.

"You just figure it out," he said of the tapes.

Which is what he's done. In just two months, he now has Nichols caught up on its audio tape stock, having mended stacks of broken tapes.

Strickland also has helped the library staff conduct surveys which ask patrons where they live. The surveys were set up to determine how much traffic flows through the libraries and where it comes from.

The staffs wanted to look at the potential need of another library in Naperville to accommodate patrons from surrounding communities.

Naperville already has two libraries, and Strickland doesn't limit his services to just Nichols. He's headed over to Naper Boulevard to inventory the CD collection there, as well. …