Creative Minds Bring Art, Writing to Journal

Article excerpt

Byline: Eloise Podraza

A future "Hemingway," "Picasso," "Yeats" or other creative types may find their early works and first published credit in "Mind Prints," a new literary and artistic journal designed by students at Willowbrook High School in Villa Park.

"This fall we had an introductory meeting to see what kind of interest there was and got a nice response from students who wanted to work on putting together a magazine. We had several meetings and set a submission deadline date with distribution schedule for May," said English teacher Ann Kimpton.

Kimpton hopes "Mind Prints" will become an annual publication, with increasing participation to showcase the best creative efforts of Willowbrook students.

"All students can submit anything from poetry to stories to non-fiction essays and commentary. We also include photographs of artwork, sculpture and paintings, so there's a wide range of student talent in the magazine," she said.

Student committees scrutinize entries, which are judged blindly.

"No names appear on the poetry, prose or art submitted, so there's no bias about what will be chosen for publication," Kimpton explained.

"Although the students have the input about what appears in the magazine, advisors have the ultimate responsibility for what is published," she said, referring to English and art department staff members who guide and facilitate student endeavors.

However, even the best submissions rely on good editing and layout. …