Great America Builds Big Ride for Little Kids New Attraction Allows Parents to Ride Coaster with Children

Article excerpt

Byline: Mary Jo Przygoda and Scott Silvestri Daily Herald Staff Writers

Construction is nearly complete on Great America's first new attraction in a multi-million dollar renovation project.

Spacely's Sprocket Rockets, a gentle roller coaster designed for young children, is scheduled to be finished next week.

The ride, which features a cartoon theme, is one of several that will be constructed in March and April as part of the park's two new children's areas.

Called Looney Tunes National Park and Camp Cartoon Network, the areas represent "the biggest investment in children's and family oriented attractions in the history of this park," Great America President Jim Wintrode has said.

"We've always had children's rides, but what's unusual about these new areas is that adults will be able to ride along as well," Connie Costello, park spokeswoman, said. "They can have a good time with their kids, instead of just watching them on rides."

Several of the new rides and attractions are expected to be operating on the park's opening day, April 25. Others will be ready shortly afterwards, Costello said. …