Kane County Clerk Contenders Focusing on Managerial Skills

Article excerpt

Byline: Eric Krol Daily Herald Staff Writer

Peel away the political rhetoric, and the race for Kane County Clerk boils down to one major issue: which candidate is better qualified to make sure residents get their birth certificates, property tax bills and voter registration cards?

To that end, the two women running in the March 17 Republican primary have been billing themselves as having the most relevant experience for the job.

Three-term incumbent Lorraine Sava is talking about the way she has used technology to make the office more efficient.

First-time candidate Roberta Ward is telling voters about her years managing offices for several companies and a statewide political organization.

Which resume voters buy into will help determine who is the next county clerk. No Democrats are slated to run for the office.

Sava, a 67-year-old St. Charles resident, said she is proud of the way she has added computers during the past 12 years to make managing county records easier.

"There's very little left to automate," Sava said.

With Sava at the helm, Kane became the first county to put up-to-the-minute results on the Internet on election night.

Sava said she also introduced computer programs that make it easier for her employees to issue marriage licenses and birth certificates, verify election petitions signatures and track assumed names in the county. …