Negative Campaigning Fails to Propel Allen Past Fabian in County Judge Race

Article excerpt

Byline: James Kimberly Daily Herald Staff Writer

Although the race for the Republican nomination for Kane County judge was run like few others, its outcome was typical.

As is usually the case in judicial elections, Kane County voters chose a sitting associate judge for a seat on the full circuit bench over an attorney without judicial experience.

What was not typical, however, was the tenor of the campaign between Associate Judge Donald Fabian and Elgin attorney Arthur Allan.

While judicial elections are often tame affairs with candidates wary about launching political attacks against one another or taking strong stands on positions, this race was a raucous affair.

Allan attacked the way Fabian financed and ran his campaign. Fabian accepted campaign donations from attorneys and allowed lawyers to perform volunteer work on his campaign. Allan said relationships between sitting judges and practicing attorneys carried "an appearance of impropriety."

Fabian countered the attacks by pointing out he ran his campaign like many judges before him. Also, there was nothing illegal or unethical about accepting donations or volunteer labor from attorneys, Fabian said.

Tuesday night Allan and Fabian finally found something they could agree on. Both men said they believed Allan's aggressive campaign might have contributed to Fabian's 2-to-1 margin of victory. …