CLC Selected as Law Enforcement Training Site

Article excerpt

Byline: Meta L. Levin Daily Herald Correspondent

When Lindenhurst Police Chief Jack McKeever sees announcements from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Ga., he reluctantly throws them away.

It's too expensive to send his officers all the way to Georgia, even though he believes the experience would be valuable.

Now McKeever and others like him in a four-state area will be able to take advantage of those same opportunities closer to home. The College of Lake County has been named as one of 30 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center regional sites across the United States.

"They probably have a lot of relevant courses that they teach to federal law enforcement agencies," McKeever, who also heads the Lake County Chiefs of Police Association, said. "If they could share some expertise, it probably will be of great benefit."

Officials from the center will bring classes to each site, based on the needs in that area. This week Rich Schur, CLC's director of continuing education and director of the college's Public Service Institute, who was instrumental in applying for and convincing the center to come to CLC, will sit down with the chief's organization's training committee and begin the process of assessing needs. The training committee meets once a month to talk about ways of meeting the training needs of local law enforcement agencies.

"One of the big issues faced by local law enforcement agencies is cost," said Deerfield's Deputy Police Chief Tom Skrabala, who co-chairs the training committee. "We are looking forward to having a program like this close to home. …