Police Officer Spearheads Child Safety Program

Article excerpt

Byline: Natasha Korecki Daily Herald Staff Writer

Seeing the aftermath of a car accident in which a young child is killed is one of the most difficult aspects of working in law enforcement, police officers say.

Especially if the death could have been prevented with a proper seat restraint.

"I couldn't believe some of the things I saw while working on the job," said Lake Zurich police officer Bob Brasky, traffic unit coordinator for the department.

One day when Brasky pulled over a mother who failed to restrain her child in a car seat, an idea clicked.

"She said to me, 'Yes, I know it's the law, but I never understood why.' "

Brasky thought of a way to help new parents understand why it is essential to keep kids buckled up.

By developing a program through new parenting classes at Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Brasky realized he could help prevent deaths by getting the message to new parents.

Among other things, Brasky tells parents that a 10-pound child in a 30 mph accident creates a 200-pound impact if the child is unrestrained and thrown from his or her seat. …