Art Club Brings World Treasures to Its Members, Community

Article excerpt

Byline: Gala Pierce Daily Herald Staff Writer

Imagine visiting a beautiful city on the eastern coast of Spain without leaving the Fox Valley area.

You step into the sights and culture of that city while devouring a tasty meal at the St. Charles Country Club.

Imagine, for instance, visiting the new Guggenheim, the Contemporary Art Museum in Barcelona.

The bold architectural piece was "picked the building of the century," according to Maureen Buccholz, the assistant program chairwoman of the Fox Valley Associates of the Art Institute.

When the new Guggenheim was constructed, the Russians had an excess of titanium. Therefore, architect Richard Meier constructed the building out of titanium. The structure now gleams of different colors in different lights in the city, quite a reverie to see.

The new Guggenheim is part of Barcelona's unique architectural history. It's one topic the Fox Valley Associates will enjoy during Clare Kunny's slide lecture, "Barcelona: A City of Marvels," at 6 p.m. Jan. 11 in the St. Charles Country Club, 1250 Country Club Road.

Topical music by John Papadolias, an Aurora resident, will set the mood at 5:30 p.m., while members sip their cocktails. He will play classical guitar. Dinner will follow the lecture at 7 p.m.

Elaine Mulligan, program chairwoman for the Fox Valley Associates, favored renowned Kunny from the beginning for the upcoming lecture.

"She was our favorite speaker. She did a lecture about jazz and art in the '20s last year," Mulligan says.

"She's a very dynamic speaker - very vivacious, energetic and knowledgeable," Buccholz added.

She noted, too, that "as an ex-ballet dancer, she holds herself beautifully."

Kunny, recently promoted to director of the education department at the Art Institute, will discuss the art as well as the architecture of Barcelona.

Artists to be featured include Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Antoni Tapies and Antoni Gaudi.

Kunny has been to Barcelona, Spain a dozen times. She describes it as "probably one of the most beautiful cities in Western Europe."

Geographically, Barcelona is removed from Madrid, causing Barcelona to have "a very independent history," according to Kunny. She said the lecture, though, "will take it (Barcelona) up to the 1990s."

Members of the Art Institute community have enjoyed trips to the Snite Museum of Notre Dame, Milwaukee Art Museum and Bradley Sculpture Garden, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and Valparaiso University's Art Museum in Indiana. …