Lombard Considers Studying Library Employees' Salaries

Article excerpt

Byline: Robert Sanchez Daily Herald Staff Writer

Employees of Lombard's Helen M. Plum Library may receive raises to bring their salaries more in line with those in surrounding communities, officials say.

Library officials want to hire Executive Service Corps to review their pay scale and compare it those in surrounding communities.

"I just want to make sure our salaries are competitive with other libraries in the area," Library Director Robert Harris said.

The board is expected to vote Dec. 9 on paying the Chicago-based consulting firm $1,500 to conduct the study.

Depending on the results, Harris said, the library's 18 full-time and 46 part-time employees could be eligible for pay increases. The last time the library adjusted its pay scale was 1991.

"We don't yet know how or when that would be implemented," Harris said. "But we want to ensure what we are paying is fair and equitable."

Harris said a beginning librarian, a position requiring a master's degree, earns $12 an hour in Lombard. …