Glenbard West Senior Reaches out to Others

Article excerpt

Byline: Jenny Senczysen Daily Herald Correspondent

While Glendale Heights teen Rob Rodriguez may be only 18, he already has learned the worth of helping others.

"It brings out the good qualities in you," said the Glenbard West high school senior.

It doesn't matter whether he is required to be at school early or after the last bell, Rodriguez remains committed to giving his school a boost and helping his fellow students through his volunteer efforts.

Rodriguez was voted to the office of Student Council president in a three-way race that took place this past May. Aside from being available to help with any problems facing the student body, he has made it a priority to bridge the gap between students and staff. One way he does this is by leading a committee that plans activities to get everyone involved including the school's annual homecoming event.

"It takes a lot of planning and hard work," Rodriguez said.

But he really enjoys meeting new people.

"There are so many people involved that you get to meet many of them," he said.

Rodriguez is a member of the senior mentor program that helps new students get acquainted with the school and the facilities. He feels this is important so that the transition into a new setting is a lot easier for the student.

He also is a member of Target Success, a program similar to the senior mentoring program. Rodriguez and his senior classmate volunteers are expected to be like an older brother or sister to members of the freshman class, especially those who may go astray. The seniors are paired up with students to help ensure their success when the new students may not be making good choices in academics and perhaps behavior. …