Students Succeeding in Social Studies

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Byline: Catherine Edman Daily Herald Staff Writer

Social studies again is a strong area for students in Marquardt Elementary District 15.

Seventh-grade students placed well above the state average on the social science and science tests as part of the Illinois Goal Assessment Program.

Scores from IGAP tests taken last spring were recently released by the state. Results are compiled by school, district and state, and average scores are given for each category.

The seventh-graders not only received higher scores than students who took the test the previous year, they also were significantly above the state average this year, said Diane Balke, District 15 director of curriculum.

In results from the IGAP tests, districts receive a statistical range of scores considered comparable to the district's average score. For example, a school might have an average score of 250 points, but all scores between 235 and 265 are considered comparable.

Therefore, if the state average falls within that range, the district is considered to be meeting educational expectations outlined by the state. If the stage average falls below or above the range, the district is not meeting or exceeding those same expectations, respectively.

In District 15, seventh-graders improved by moving from the "meeting" to the "exceeding" stage goals category, explained Diane Balke, director of curriculum.

This year, the district's average score in science was 266 points, and its band of comparison scores ranged from 256 to 276 points. The average score for students statewide was 253 points, which is below the district's score band. That means students in the Glendale Heights district are doing better than average when compared with state goals as well as with results from other students statewide, Balke said. …