Taking the 'Work' out of 'Work Out' Makes It Work

Article excerpt

Byline: Pat Merrill

When it comes to being overweight, discouraged, and frustrated, Mary Jo Przygoda possesses first-hand knowledge. She also knows the joy of finding the solution which helped her lose 70 pounds and remain trim for 13 years.

In 1984, she found a positive instructor and encouraging environment at Wildwood Park District aerobic classes. It was so meaningful she became a certified teacher and is sharing some techniques with us today.

The emotional and psychological aspects of aerobics are vital to staying with the program. Foremost is setting yourself up to succeed. Start with things you can manage without difficulty. Even exercise for regular short periods provides a basis for improvement. Przygoda said, "always exercise to music; it's easier to say 'I can do this for two songs' than to watch the clock for 15 minutes."

The music enhances the basic rule: make it fun. In her classes she includes Latin music with maracas, line dancing, and the twist. You can do this at home. Use your favorites and vary it each day. If you are interested in using videotapes, Przygoda suggests renting some like Kathy Smith and Donna Richardson before buying.

Your home can become your personal gym. If you have old equipment gathering dust, pull it out and use it, but don't make it the only thing you do. Make a circuit out of the things available to you. …