District 15 Adds Own Touch to State's Academic Standards

Article excerpt

Byline: Chris Clair Daily Herald Staff Writer

Palatine Township Elementary District 15 officials say they think the state's benchmarks for measuring student achievement are fine, but they're convinced district standards are better.

The school board voted to adopt the state of Illinois' academic learning standards this week, but only after adding an amendment clarifying the state standards are only one way the district measures the success of its students.

"I don't see these (state standards) as being the end-all of standards," said board member Laura Crane.

District 15 Superintendent John G. Conyers said the state academic learning standards are not supposed to be the only measure of student achievement.

"They stand as one benchmark of overall student achievement. They define what Illinois citizens should be able to accomplish after their public schooling," Conyers told the board.

Kay Woelfel, assistant superintendent for instructional services, told the board the standards District 15 uses to measure student achievement, called "Learner Statements," go beyond the state's benchmarks at every grade level. …