Inverness to Take Part in State Retirement Fund

Article excerpt

Inverness trustees will soon be able to take part in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

The retirement fund is set up for employees of local governments, and is available to those who work more than 1,000 hours a year for Illinois municipalities.

Of course, they can only contribute 4.5 percent of their $250 a month salaries, or $11.25 a month.

Don't look for any of them to retire on it, said Interim Village Administrator Curt Carver.

Carver working to solve problems

Curt Carver, who joined the village about a month ago, has cut his work out for himself this summer as interim administrator in Inverness.

Carver will look into a series of issues that have caused problems for village staff members and the engineering firm the village contracts with.

For example, the village code does not allow stone or any material other than grass in the ditches that line village streets. Some residents have gone ahead and put gravel or stone in anyway, and others are taken aback when told they can't. …