Palatine Township Officials Make Annual Ethics Reports

Article excerpt

Byline: Alysia Tate Daily Herald Staff Writer

In their own opinions, at least, Palatine Township officials are doing their jobs the right way.

Economic interest statements filed by all of the township's elected officials revealed few details about what they do outside township hall. The annual statements are required to be filed with county officials each year, as directed by an ethics ordinance trustees passed in 1995.

According to Supervisor David J. Regner's form, he makes most of his non-supervisory income from the Illinois Association of County Engineers and the Illinois School Transportation Association, two professional organizations.

Officials are required to report such ties if they serve as advisers to any professional associations that pay them at least $1,200.

Regner, a former state legislator, lobbies for the two groups, handles some finances and does other administrative tasks, he said.

Those duties do not influence his work as a supervisor, for which he is paid $18,300 a year, he said. That will increase to $20,050 this spring. …