Sports Medicine Leaders Freeman, Zwilling to Be Honored

Article excerpt

Byline: Daily Herald Reports

Two area leaders in the field of sports medicine for 25 years will be honored on Sunday, Jan. 19.

Ron Freeman and Dr. Bill Zwilling, whose contributions and achievements are legendary in this vital area of any school's sports program, will be recognized in a special tribute at the American Legion Hall, 121 N. Douglas Avenue, Arlington Heights.

The hall is located across from Recreation Park.

The 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. program will give colleagues, friends, former student trainers, former student-athletes and even patients a chance to honor these two legends in sports medicine.

The night will feature memorabilia, food, music, cash bar, an open microphone to tell stories, gift presentation and a roast of the two special guests.

"Word of mouth is going to bring this together," said Ken Stiff, who is helping organize the event as a member of the planning committee.

"Please contact other people who may want to attend. Bring your spouse. Dress is informal."

Stiff is accepting cash donations of $5 per person from anyone who would like to contribute to a gift. The contributions should be made before Jan. 19.

Contributions can be made in person or through the mail. …