Libertyville Shields Itself from Losses on Automobile Row

Article excerpt

Byline: C. L. Waller Daily Herald Staff Writer

Libertyville trustees on Tuesday night added a cushion of protection against the possibility of disaster striking automobile row.

Along with its annual payment for insurance coverage, the village added $1,110 for $3 million of coverage in case there is a business/sales tax interruption and loss of sales taxes due to the temporary closing of a business.

"We've been talking about how to do this for at least a year," said Trustee Jennie LeGates, adding that the optional coverage was just added this year to the Intergovernmental Risk Management Association's policy.

The association is a group of communities that have formed a cooperative in order to obtain insurance coverage at lower rates.

Currently, about $4.9 million of the $6 million collected in Libertyville sales taxes comes from the automobile dealerships, LeGates said.

With the tax cap not allowing property taxes to be increased without a referendum approved by voters, the village must protect this stream of revenue from sales taxes, she said. …