School Sets Month to Concentrate on Language

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Byline: Susie Link

In accordance with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Hawthorn School District 73 is recognizing the month of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month.

About 14 million Americans are affected by speech, voice and language disorders, which may manifest themselves in many different forms. Congenital problems, accidents and strokes can cause speech and hearing problems. Each can limit academic achievement, social adjustment and career advancement.

Speech-language pathologist at Hawthorn schools, Sue Bonnem works with students affected by hearing and speech problems.

"Speech comes so naturally for most of us, we take it for granted," Bonnem said. "But for someone with a speech or language problem, words don't come easily. Expressing any thought is a struggle."

Some common speech and language disorders include stuttering, articulation problems that cause people to pronounce sounds incorrectly, language disorders that limit a person's ability to understand spoken or written words and voice disorders that make speech impossible or difficult to manage. …