Parks Candidates Disagree on When to Use Referendums

Article excerpt

Byline: Jon Davis Daily Herald Staff Writer

The future of the Elk Grove Park District lies in maintaining what parks and facilities it already has, three board candidates said Tuesday.

That, however, was about the only statement that Frank Czarnik, Cheryl O'Malley and Richard Reynolds agreed on Tuesday in the final candidates' forum before the April 1 election.

Czarnik, who is seeking to rejoin the board from which voters ejected him in 1995, was attacked by Reynolds over the funding of the Jack A. Claes Pavilion.

Responding to a question on whether the park district should seek voter approval for future projects through referendums, Czarnik defended the pavilion's funding.

The district originally had hoped to buy Lively Junior High School from District 59, but the district wanted $6 million for the 29-year-old building, Czarnik said.

The issuing of bonds allowed the district to pay for a needed and popular facility over 20 years, he said. The decision was made with the best interests of the entire community in mind, Czarnik added. …