5 Crowd Race for Ela Area Library Board

Article excerpt

Byline: Timothy S. Rooney Daily Herald Staff Writer

Space will be the issue facing the winners of the Ela Area Library District election.

Four incumbents are running and facing off against one challenger.

All agree space needs to be addressed. Other issues include meeting advancing technology, operating under tax cap legislation and expanding programs for seniors and teens.

* * *

William Clugston, 46, attorney, opposed North Barrington Collection Mall: A library trustee should care deeply about the library and have a broad background of knowledge and experience upon which to draw. I fit that description very well. I am an attorney and have been a computer programmer, as well as a teacher, salesman and factory worker. In addition to a law degree, I have a master's degree in philosophy and a bachelor's degree in English, having studied at universities in three states and four countries. This background gives me the ability to deal with the political, contractual, technological, free speech and many other issues that face this board. Most important, libraries have been my passion since childhood and I am a frequent user of the Ela library as are my wife and 3-year-old daughter. I know very well the materials and services the library offers. I have held cards at 14 public and academic libraries over the years and have paid attention to what was good or bad about them. As a library "consumer," I think I know what the public wants from a library. This, combined with my professional and academic background, makes me an ideal candidate.

* * *

Jane E. Hyla, 47, District 95 teacher. Incumbent trustee since 1993. I've lived in Lake Zurich for 14 years, and I approach the position of library trustee from the perspectives of a patron, parent and educator. From my point of view as a teacher in District 95, I am keenly aware of how the library supports education in our community. As a volunteer adult literacy tutor, I've come to value the library as a vehicle that levels the playing field of opportunities.

I seek reelection as a trustee on the Ela Library board because I believe that a free public library system is the best deal around. I want the quality that patrons have come to expect to continue. The resources, programs and technology that are available for personal, academic or professional pursuits are accessible to everyone in our community. A strong library system insures that opportunities for learning and acquiring technology skills are not limited to those who can afford personal libraries and home computers.

Ela Library has a history of seeking input from the community and responding to patron needs. I support programs that reach out to our diverse population, and I help maintain balance on the board.

* * *

John W. Keister, 40, owner, of executive search firm. Trustee, Ela Area Public Library since 1989 and current board president member.

I have been a member of the Ela Area Library Board of Trustees for eight years and now serve as the board president. I am also on the board of directors of the North Suburban Library System, which consists of 650 libraries and is part of a statewide literary network.

I would like to continue to serve on the library board and provide positive contributions to the operation and growth of library services. As an advocate for public libraries, I would continue to actively support and be involved in library legislation on state and national levels. …