Candidates for Libraries to Oversee Referendums

Article excerpt

Byline: Eric Krol and Teresa Mask Daily Herald Staff Writers

With plans for new libraries on the drawing board in Elgin and Algonquin and a similar debate brewing in Dundee Township, voters headed to the polls Tuesday to choose library board members to guide efforts to pay for the bricks and mortar.

In Elgin and South Elgin, voters apparently have decided to go with an experienced hand and a newcomer. Incumbent Clarence Wittenstrom and 28-year-old Todd Drafall won the two 6-year seats, beating 10-year library volunteer Brian Mooberry.

With 75 percent of the vote counted, Wittenstrom had 3,729 votes, Drafall 3,444 and Mooberry 3,102.

Wittenstrom, a 65-year-old attorney, attributed his victory to his two years of experience on the library board and the large number of people he has met living in Elgin for more than 50 years.

"It's just a matter of community service for me," he said. "I just want to do what's best for the library."

Drafall, vice chairman of the Elgin Township Republican Party, couldn't take time to immediately enjoy his victory. Drafall works in the Kane County Clerk's office, which was busy counting votes Tuesday night.

The real work for Wittenstrom and Drafall begins now. The library board will ask voters in November to approve a tax increase request to build and operate a library on Kimball Street north of the existing library.

"It's a tough job to be able to sell this referendum," Wittenstrom said. …