High School's Educational Quality Is Backed by Tests

Article excerpt

Byline: Michelle Martin Daily Herald Staff Writer

Barrington High School administrators have long touted their school's educational quality.

Now they say they have proof of how well students learn.

Barrington High School students who took two tests from ACT, the American College Testing program, one as sophomores and one as juniors or seniors, did better on the second test than predicted.

The first test, the PLAN, is given to sophomores. It gives them an idea of how they can expect to do on the ACT two years later, said Barrington High School Principal Edward J. DeYoung.

The first scores averaged 20.3, and the second scores averaged 24.3. Nationally, the average score on the PLAN is 19.4, and the average on the ACT is 23.4.

That means Barrington High School students scores went up 1.2 points more than the scores of students across the country, DeYoung said.

"The bottom line is that our students did better than you would have predicted," DeYoung said. …