College of DuPage to Showcase 'Distance Education' at Open House

Article excerpt

Byline: Matthew Nickerson Daily Herald Staff Writer

"Distance education" is a hot trend at U.S. colleges, and College of DuPage's version of it will be showcased Monday.

An open house is scheduled for 1 p.m. at the newly expanded Center for Independent Learning on COD's Glen Ellyn campus, 22nd Street and Lambert Road.

The center is where COD coordinates "distance ed," the 120 credit courses it provides to 5,000 students who attend school electronically, without stepping into a classroom.

"Distance ed is a very hot item right now," said Ron Schiesz, a COD associate dean. "There's just no money to keep building these buildings."

The expansion of the center - created in the early 1970s - will allow the distance ed program to keep growing. Ten classes will be added soon.

The center has moved from a one-story space to a technologically sophisticated, three-story facility in the old COD bookstore.

The center serves as a headquarters for those taking classes through various electronic methods. …