Young Playwrights Debut Their Short Works

Article excerpt

Byline: Matthew Nickerson Daily Herald Staff Writer

Despite its name, don't expect the upcoming Young Playwrights Festival at Elmhurst College to feature productions with a Generation X theme.

All three playwrights featured are in their 20s, an age group associated with the so-called Generation X. But the plays lack the directionless ennui that is supposed to characterize the group.

"Each of them comes to a sort of resolution in a way that you might not expect of Generation X-type work," said Dean Barclay, an Elmhurst College English professor. "All of them are mixtures of seriousness and lightness."

The three works, written in Barclay's play-writing class in the spring, will be performed Thursday through Saturday this week and next week.

The works are part of the third year of the Young Playwrights Festival, which is being directed by Tim Good, an adjunct faculty member.

The college's students will play the roles in "Visible Signs," by Carol Schlundt Pavlik; "Bethany's Voice," by Jeff Fapp; and "The Secret," by Jennifer Paisley. …