Barrington Sisters Ride above the Rest When It Comes to Riding Talent

Article excerpt

Byline: Carmen Greco Jr. Daily Herald Staff Writer

If anyone was born to ride horses, it was Bryan and Christy Cressey's three daughters.

Monique, 14, Charlotte, 12, and Alicia, 10, will be competing in the St. James Farm Steeplechase in Warrenville today.

It is the fourth year the girls, who live on a farm with their parents in Barrington, will compete in the horse riding competition at St. James Farm.

The girls are among the youngest children in the United States to receive high recognition, or their "colors," for fox hunting in 1995.

Their equestrian talents were forged on the 54-acre farm their parents bought in Barrington eight years ago, which includes a stable of 20 horses.

Before buying their farm, the Cresseys lived near a horse-riding center. The family remembers hearing an announcer bellow forth the goings-on at the riding center.

Now, the Cresseys have a horse riding center of sorts of their own.

"We went from nothing to this full-blown horse operation," said Chirsty Cressey.

Alicia Cressey won't be riding her favorite horse, Jack-Be-Nimble, at the steeplechase. …