Lake in the Hills Flooded in Water Tower Dilemmas

Article excerpt

Byline: Paul M. Anderson Daily Herald Correspondent

It was a deal too good to pass up, but the Lake in the Hills trustees say they had no choice.

Pittsburgh Tank and Tower Co. of Kentucky offered to sell the village a used, 50-year-old, million-gallon water tower for $970,000. If trustees didn't want it, the company offered to sell them a new, 750,000 gallon capacity tower for the same price.

The only problem was that accepting the offer would skirt the legal bidding process.

The village put out bids for new and used water towers and received an offer from Pittsburgh, which was more expensive.

But before Lake in the Hills trustees could accept the low bid from Chicago Bridge and Iron Co., Pittsburgh proposed to sell them the used tower from Pontiac, Mich.

Village leaders, when seeing a photograph of the tower, took to not-so-affectionately nicknaming it the "hamburger" and "flying saucer."

Several trustees said residents who would live near the tower objected to its 10-legged design.

"It would be nice to have something cheaper, but if the residents want to look at something more appealing we have to respect their wishes," Trustee Tom Swan said. …