Patrons Can Find out If Smoking's on Menu

Article excerpt

Byline: Bob McKee Daily Herald Staff Writer

It's an apparent compromise between keeping the people and the businesses of Buffalo Grove healthy.

The village is expected, as soon as this fall, to begin distributing notices to the public of which restaurants prohibit smoking, officials say.

The move is seen as a way to help people make a decision if they want to expose themselves to secondhand cigarette smoke.

But while doing so, the village is not putting its approximately 65 restaurants at jeopardy by banning smoking or requiring that smoking areas be completely partitioned off by walls, which could require costly renovations.

"This is a compromise," said Trustee De Ann Glover. "This is trying to strike a balance."

Spurred by health concerns about people breathing secondhand smoke, Buffalo Grove officials for at least six months have discussed the issue of smoking in restaurants.

The village now requires restaurants to have a designated nonsmoking section, which could be created by a section of the restaurant or a group of tables. …