Aspiring Politician Calls for Day-Care Reform

Article excerpt

Byline: Anne Schmitt Daily Herald Staff Writer

The legacy of welfare reform may be more troubled children if the country doesn't improve day-care options for poor single mothers, U.S. House candidate Elizabeth Anne Hull said Friday.

The Palatine Democrat opposing Rep. Philip M. Crane, a Wauconda Republican, in the November election said she fears that changes in the country's welfare system will push single mothers into jobs without providing them with adequate child care.

While she prefers to see mothers stay with their children, Hull said she would promote legislation and policies to make day care more available and affordable. She also would like to see professional training and standards for day-care providers.

Day care should be improved to the point where workers are educated in child development, and are not merely baby sitters, she said.

"If we're going to force mothers to work, we need to take care of their children," said Hull, a 59-year-old Harper College professor.

It may require changing the priorities of the country, where day-care workers earn close to minimum wage while prison guards receive much more, Hull said. …