Fields Pleads Guilty, Gets 2 Years' Probation

Article excerpt

Byline: Robert McCoppin Daily Herald Staff Writer

The victim pounded a basketball trophy on the door to get Ronnie Fields to come out.

The former Farragut High School basketball star didn't come out of the locked bathroom until the woman left, but by that time she already had told others that Fields had taken part in a strange sex crime.

That encounter in a Lombard apartment was resolved in court Monday when Fields and two others pleaded guilty to criminal sexual abuse.

Fields was given two years' probation, 15 days of work for the DuPage County Sheriff's office, a $750 fine and ordered to get counseling. He will be allowed, however, to leave the country for possible offers to play professional basketball in Europe.

The victim dried the tears she cried in court, and walked away satisfied with the punishment, and hoping to retain her privacy, prosecutors said.

Fields, 19, of 4130 W. Cullerton St. in Chicago, Charles Johnson, 19, of 5125 W. Wabansia Ave., Chicago, and Leonard Watts, 29, of 1312 S. Finely Road in Lombard, all pleaded guilty to the same charge, and received the same sentence.

According to a statement Fields signed, the three tricked the woman into having sex with them on July 20. …