Warning Signs Point out Violence-Prone Children

Article excerpt

Byline: Dianna Hubay

Toddlers and preschool-age children can exhibit violent behavior indicating the need for assistance.

Behaviors include having several tantrums in one day or having several that last longer than 15 minutes and cannot be quieted by parents, relatives or caregivers. Other behavior includes being extremely active, impulsive and fearless; or seeming to not be attached to people. For example, these behaviors include: when a child does not look for, touch or return to parents in strange places; consistently refuses to follow directions or listen; watches too much violence on television; engages in play with violent themes or that is cruel toward other children or animals; or has many aggressive outbursts, often for no apparent reason.

- Behavior of school-age children that could indicate the need for professional help includes: having difficulty paying attention or concentrating; behaving consistently in a disruptive manner in the classroom; making friends that are unruly or aggressive; not being sensitive to the feelings of others; and consistently having trouble listening.

Others include: having few, if any, friends or often being rejected because of their behavior; watching too many violent television shows or playing violent video games; performing poorly in school; getting into fights in school; reacting to teasing, disappointment or criticism with intense anger, blame or revenge; being cruel or violent to pets or other animals; or being easily frustrated. …