Science Comes Alive for Kids in College Program

Article excerpt

Byline: Deborah Johnson Daily Herald Staff Writer

Do balls roll faster on dirt or grass? Which dish soap makes the most bubbles - Joy or Palmolive? Can shampoo boil faster than molasses? How about water?

The answers to these and other mind-bogglers could be found Thursday at a special science fair at North Central College in Naperville.

About 130 underprivileged children from Chicago and Aurora participated in the fair through the college's Junior Scholars summer camp.

In addition to attending a "Physics is Fun" demonstration - in which youngsters learned the finer points of electricity - the children put together their own exhibits showing what they'd learned.

"Viscosity is thickness," said seventh-grader Tyrone Jones, who traveled by bus from Chicago to get to camp.

He and his lab partner, Felicia Prince, also of Chicago, boiled water and a combination of molasses and water and then dropped in marbles.

"Whichever marble landed at the bottom last - that's which one is thicker," Felicia said.

Junior Scholars is a 7-year-old program in which North Central College students tutor kids from Johnson Elementary School in Chicago and Oak Park Elementary School in Aurora.

As part of the program, the college has been sponsoring a summer camp that allows youngsters to practice their academic skills in an enjoyable setting.

It also exposes them to the idea of going to college and eventually having a career. …